Frequently Asked Questions


Talk with our Senior Minister, and when you are ready, an opportunity to join will be waiting.  This usually involves a short ceremony during the Sunday worship service. 


When you join our church you do not have to join a board, but you now
have the privilege to do so. Our church is self-governed, and you can make
a strong impact by participating on a board. In addition, joining a board is
a great way to get to know other members.

What if I grew up
in a different denomination or faith?

If you come from a different denomination, you’ll have a lot of company,
as a large percentage of our community grew up in another branch of the
Christian family (Catholic, Methodist, etc.) In addition, our community
contains a number of couples and families where one adult comes from
a Christian background, while the other does not. The bottom line for us
here at FCC is that all God’s people are always welcome to take part in as
much of our spiritual life together as they choose.

Do I have to donate a certain amount of money?

We do not have a formula or recommended amount to give. We
consider this to be a matter between you and God. We ask for an annual
pledge in October which allows us to plan the budget for the coming year.
This can be given weekly or monthly.  Regardless of how you pay, you will receive
a statement to be used for your taxes.

For Our Guests:

  • Please feel free to sit anywhere in the Sanctuary.
  • You are most welcome to join us for our time of refreshments and conversation right after the service. This is an opportunity to meet and begin to get to know some of us. Just follow the crowd.
  • Most children sit with their parents or the adult they came with until it’s time for the Children’s Sermon, which takes place a few minutes into the service. Following that, they go to Church School. Infants and toddlers are invited, but not required, to go to our supervised “Crib Room” at any time before or during the service. Please ask an usher or greeter to direct you there.
  • There are two restrooms: Inside the entranceway, before entering the sanctuary, turn left, then turn right into the Chapel Lounge. The restroom is on the right.  For the other, again inside the entranceway, before entering the sanctuary, go down the stairs to the right, turn right at the hallway, and you will find one midway down the hallway on the right. Also, you can always ask an usher or greeter to direct you to one of them.
  • Please consider providing us with your name, address, phone number and email on our Guest Sheet at the entrance to the Sanctuary.  However, please feel no obligation to do so. Our primary concern is that you feel welcome and comfortable.
  • The Worship Service is outlined in our Bulletin, which you should receive from one of our ushers or greeters when you enter the Church.