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Youth Fellowship CWS Emergency Cleaning Bucket Drive

The Youth Fellowship is collecting items to put together as many Church World Service Emergency Cleaning Buckets as we can.  The need is great due to all the hurricane destruction in Texas, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Caribbean.  CWS is sending out thebuckets as soon as they get them and has practically no inventory to meet the
constant demand.  As a result CWS sent out an appeal.  This is the disaster relief arm of the United Church of Christ. We will be collecting items from Monday, October 2 until after church on Sunday, October 15.  You can donate several different ways –you can bring a completed bucket, you can donate one or more of the items listed belowor you can help financially.  Besides the cost of the items, there is a $3 processing fee per bucket.  There will be a sign-up sheet during Lemonade on the Lawn after church today and next Sunday, October 8.  Please see Rev. Mounts if you have any questions or concerns. Thanks so much!

CWS Emergency Cleaning Buckets

• One five-gallon bucket with resealable lid (If bucket has been used, clean well but do not use if it has held chemicals of any kind.)
• Four scouring pads
• Seven sponges, including one large
• One scrub brush
• Eighteen reusable cleaning towels (e.g. Easy Wipes)
• One 50 oz. or two 25 oz. bottle(s) of liquid laundry detergent
• One 16-28 oz. bottle of liquid disinfectant dish soap
• One 12-16 oz. bottle of household cleaner that can be mixed with water (no spray bottles)
• One package of 48-50 clothespins
• Clothesline, two 50 ft. or one 100 ft.
• Five dust masks
• Two pairs non-surgical, non-latex gloves
• One pair work gloves, cotton with leather palm or all leather
• 24-28 heavy duty or contractor type 30-45 gallon trash bags on a roll and removed from carton
• One 6-9 oz. bottle of non-aerosol insect repellent

 All cleaning items must be new – all liquid items must be capped and securely tightened. Place all items into the bucket, making sure they are packed securely to avoid damage during shipment. Snap the lid on tight and seal with packing tape.

In the wake of the recent natural disasters the Board of Outreach would like to share several resources for disaster relief.

*The United Church of Christ’s Global Sharing of Resources team has created a Hurricane Harvey disaster page with suggestions on ways people in the wider church can help going forward:  Donations to the Emergency USA fund can be made online from this page. If you prefer to donate by mail, make checks payable to United Church of Christ, with "Hurricane Harvey" in the memo. Mail to: United Church of Christ c/o Financial Services, 700 Prospect Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115-1100

*  provides a list of other organizations providing various types of relief to Texas hurricane victims including everything from diapers to pet rescue/care.

*American Red Cross

According to Bob Ottenhoff, president and CEO of the Center for Disaster Philanthropy, now is not the time to donate products or services. Instead, he says, “people should send money to groups they trust, and that have the ability to provide aid where it’s needed most.”


Donations are welcome from Members and Non-Members

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