Senior Minister's Message - Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea

Senior Minister’s Message

Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea


At this time of year, it is common for TV stations, magazines and news sources (both print and digital) to offer some kind of program or issue devoted to the year in review, the best and worst of the year, or some other special topic.

This year, Time magazine published an issue in which it presented some of what it had selected as the “Most Influential Photographs of All Time”. Included were the first cell phone picture ever taken; a photo of Mamie Till-Mobley staring at the battered, lynched remains of her son Emmett a picture which revealed the horrors of racism to many Americans who did not realize its scope and brutality; and more recently, the widely seen photo of 3-year-old Syrian refugee Alan Kurdi’s lifeless body washed up on the shore of the Turkish town of Bodrum.

Those photos remind us that not only does “every picture tell a story” or that “every picture is worth a thousand words” (or more), but that pictures have the power to change lives, societies, nations, and the world. They have the power to move us to do and be better, to see what is and from there envision what could be.

While it is not a photograph, the end of each year offers us that exact kind of picture. In Christmas, God saw the world and humanity as it was as it is and sent us Jesus to help us do and be better; to show us and teach us what God sees and believes we could be.

What photograph would you like to see then, in your life’s, our nation’s, or the world’s year-end special edition for 2017? What picture would you like to see of who you have become that you are not yet? What social or political issue in our nation would you like to see a picture of major progress having been made in? Whatever it is, we must believe in the possibility of it coming to pass. And we must believe in its possibility because we are the people of a God who through Jesus tells us how much God believes in our possibilities.

Picture that. Blessings, Mark