Senior Minister's Message - Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea


The number forty.

It’s a number that, like three and seven, appears frequently in the Bible and holds significant symbolic importance. In many cases, it basically means “the right time”, “the necessary time”. The Israelites wandered in the desert for “the right time”; Jesus was tempted in the wilderness “the necessary time”.

This year, our theme for the season of Lent is “These 40 Days”, which, when the symbolism of the Bible is taken into account, translates as “This Right Time”. Therefore, as we journey together through Lent this year, I invite you to consider a question:

What is this your “right time” for? What is it the “necessary time” for in your life?

What in your life, particularly your spiritual life, has the time come for? Is it the necessary time for you to close your door and spend more time alone in prayer or meditation? The time for you to stand up for a particular cause on behalf of God’s people in need? The time for you to step forward and repair a relationship that has become frayed or completely broken?

During “These 40 Days”, do it. Whatever it is, if it is for the purpose of bringing you closer to God or another person, or helping a person or group in their struggle to know a better life, do it.

Let this Lent be the time. The right time. The necessary time.

Blessings, Mark