Senior Minister's Message - Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea


If there has been one overriding, guiding principle I have tried to base my service to FCC on these past twelve years, it is this:

This is not my church.
What I mean by that is, simply, that FCC belongs first and foremost, to God and Jesus. Then after that, it belongs to you.

It is a sentiment reflected in our largely democratic form of governance, whereby you elect representatives to serve as lay leaders who are charged with making most of the decisions concerning how we will run our affairs and spend our money. It is reflected in the times in which certain major issues are determined by a congregation wide vote in which each person’s vote carries equal weight.

And most of all, it is reflected in the short statement that is published each Sunday in our Worship bulletin:

“Ministers: All Members of the Congregation”

That statement has its roots in the series of events, initiated by Martin Luther, which became known as the “Protestant Revolution”, a movement to make Christianity more faithful. One of the core principles of that movement was a commitment to the “the priesthood of all believers”, or “the ministry of all the people”.

That is why FCC, after God and Jesus, always belongs to you, or more accurately, to us. It is also why we consistently look for a wide range of opportunities for our members to exercise that ownership.

This summer will offer a special opportunity of that kind. In recognition of the Protestant Revolution’s 500th anniversary, and considering Rev. Mounts’ sabbatical in June, July and August, I am asking for you to join me in leading this year’s annual Summer Sermon Series and Summer Worship by considering preaching, leading the Word For Children, or offering the Pastoral Prayer one Sunday between July 2 and September 3. I will be available to help you through the process as much as possible. (More on all this on p. 5.)

I hope you will consider joining me on this adventure, as we work together these next three months to even more fully embody FCC’s commitment to all our members being “ministers”.

“The Ministers of the Church – That Would Be YOU”
Our annual Summer Sermon Series returns!

If you’ve ever wanted to or thought you might like take a try at Preaching, the Word for Children, or the Pastoral Prayer, here’s your chance!
In remembrance of the 500th anniversary of the event which catalyzed the “Protestant Revolution” – the posting of Martin Luther’s “95 Theses”, and in recognition of one of the signature understandings of Protestantism – “the priesthood of all believ- ers”; in other words, that not just the ordained clergy but all the members of a church are “ministers” - you are invited to deliver a sermon, or lead the Word for Children or Pastoral Prayer on any of the ten Sundays from July 2 – September 3. Topics will be determined in consultation with Dr. Boyea.

We especially hope you will consider offering a sermon on the following dates, as Rev. Mounts is on sabbatical this summer and Dr. Boyea will be away:

July 2
July 9
August 27
September 3

However, all Sundays are open for any member of the FCC community who would like to participate in any of those ways.
Please contact Mark at your earliest convenience if you would like to be involved.
Please note: There is a “Plan B” for the 2017 Summer Ser- mon Series and Worship should there be insufficient inter- est on the part of the congregation. 

Blessings, Mark