Senior Minister's Message - Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea

Senior Minister’s Message

Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea


"This Is Us".

That's the title of one of the highest rated and most highly acclaimed new television shows this season. It's also a fitting title for the day of Sunday, March 26 here at FCC.

Sunday, March 26 was a day that, from start to finish, defined who we are and what we are about as much as any day in recent memory for me. That day, in the middle of Lent - the most sacred season of the year for Christians - began with a morning Worship celebration which featured our annual Festival Chorus Lenten Music Program. This year, the Festival Chorus, under Dr. Thomson's typically outstanding leadership, performed John Rutter's oratorio, "Feel the Spirit". And we did.

Immediately after that, a sizable crowd from ages 3-93 headed to Patton Auditorium for another of our celebrated traditions during Lent - the annual Cake Auction to benefit Heifer International. The creativity exhibited in the cakes was remarkable, and in true generosity of spirit, those who won more than one cake gladly offered to give one to someone else or put it back into the raffle pool.

Less than two hours later, our Sanctuary, Patton and Coe Hall were converted into a "conference center", as we hosted a forum titled, "Preserving Safety, Sanity and Soul in Turbulent Times: Legal, Psychological and Spiritual Considerations for Advocacy and Activism". This combination of discussion and presentations from myself and FCC members, attorney Tom Jardim and psychologist Dr. Peggy Rothbaum, was formulated in response to the challenges and stresses which many in our community and surrounding area have expressed in relation to their increased involvement in political activism over the past several months. It was a strictly non-partisan event intended to address the needs of all people engaged in political activity, regardless of party affiliation or candidate preference.

Then lastly, shortly after our forum ended, the Youth Fellowship gathered for an examination and discussion of the issue of bullying. Lead by Rev. Mounts, the session approached this critical topic from research, social, emotional and spiritual perspectives. Our students demonstrated enormous honesty, insight and compassion throughout. 

On Sunday, March 26, we engaged in a day of soul-stirring, spirit- lifting worship and music, fun and internal community building, service to both our own members and the wider community, and the moral and emotional growth and well-being of our youth.

What a day. What a place we are a part of. That is FCC.
"This Is Us".

Blessings, Mark