Senior Minister's Message--Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea



Actually I love Fall.

I love the colors. I love the air. I love the return of football. I love Oktoberfest. And I love the start of us being back together as a full spiritual community after the slower, lighter summer pace and presence. But at the same time, it is remarkably easy to move from that Summer state to one of physical and mental “overdrive” once Fall arrives; easy to begin constantly feeling time and task pressured; easy to move through days in a kind of mindless auto-pilot:

Work; School; Evening Meetings; Sports or Music practice; Meals on the go; Insufficient sleep and exercise.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.

What we think is gained in productivity and achievement (which is highly debatable itself according to much research), often comes at the expense of experiencing life at a deeper level; embracing peace of mind; living with a sense of Contentment.

In that regard, and as we enter another Fall, I invite you to consider this little story taken from Max Lucado’s devotional “Grace for the Moment”:

In our world, Contentment is a strange street vendor, roaming slowly from house to house, offering  his wares: an hour of peace, a smile of acceptance, a sigh of relief.
When I asked Contentment why so few welcomed him into their homes, the answer left me convicted.
I charge a high price, you know. I ask people to trade in their schedules, frustrations, and anxieties. You’d think I’d have more buyers. But people seem strangely proud of their stress and headaches.”

May this Fall, and the entire year, bring you not just a sense of accomplishment, but just as importantly, contentment.

Blessings, Mark