"A Voice" -- Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

“Help me, please help me.”
The voice called from another room down the hall.
The hospital was large, the hallways as long.
But the voice rang out loud and strong and weak and pitiful all at

It didn’t stop.
Kept calling out.

“Help me.”
I looked out the door but could not see from where it sounded. Instead I saw,
People scurrying past.
Nurses in a hurry. Visitors getting to their patients. Doctors with

People meeting to whisper words.
Cleaners, chaplains, food delivery carts.
People with a purpose.
Caring, compassionate people.
Who walked by.
Had they heard it too many times before?
Had they helped and didn’t know what else to do?
Was there family in the room with him who couldn’t make him

understand where he was? I don’t know.

I stayed where I was, watching and helping the one who needed my help.

But it made me wonder.
How do we hear the helpless?
How do we give them voice?
Not just that man but all who cry out for help, for comfort, for

Through offering a helping hand, through words written spoken,

Through protest, through art?
Through lifting them up?
Through deciding here is where I draw the line?
Is there an answer? Are there hundreds?
We are all striding through life, trying to live it to purpose.
Head down, forge ahead.
Do we hear?
Do we think, I’ll get back to that?
Are we moved but don’t think we have the tools, facts, skills, the

whatever it takes? I don't know.

But I wonder.
As the man's voice was finally stilled by help at hand And the hospital hallways quieted.

JEM 10.19.15

The above was a poem that I wrote while I was in Danbury Hospital with my Dad while he was recovering from hip surgery. 

How do we give voice to those who cannot always speak for themselves in a way that helps and is true to who they are? Something to ponder.

Thank you again to everyone for the wonderful October Surprise Ten Year Ministry celebration for Mark and me. It was a truly moving experience and reminded me again of how blessed and grateful I am for this amazing FCC community. Thanks also for the lovely comments, emails, and gifts. They meant more than I can express.

Happy Fall!

Peace, Joy