"January's Song" -- Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

January’s Song
Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

This time of year always seems a bit harder, a bit more bland as the colorful decorations come down and are put away. Christmas is over and it is back to business as usual until Lent rolls around. Back to what the Christian Church calls “ordinary time”. But as the poet Ann Weems says, “It is anything but ordinary time!” Christmas has come. We have celebrated but there is no need to put away the hope, wonder and joy that the season inspires in us. They should stay out to be lived all the yearlong. But it can be difficult living the Christmas promise in the light of long, dark January winter mornings reminding us of how long it will be until Christmas comes again., and of the year ahead that stretches between now and then.

How do we to keep the Gift of Gifts in front of us and in our hearts at all times? By holding on to those promises that Gabriel told Mary, Joseph dreamed of, Mary sang about, the angels proclaimed, the shepherds went to find and the wise men followed. By remembering that even though we celebrate Jesus’ birth once a year with pomp and pageantry, God’s love is timeless. The waiting is over. Christmas has come and gone. Things may be packed away but as Ann Weems says in her poem to the right the rest of the story is just beginning abd that is good new for all time!.

Happy January!

Peace, Joy