Reverend Joy Mounts "September Light"

Reverend Joy Mounts

Autumn Glow  Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister 

September Light 

There is something about the light in the early fall, 
As the sun sets and a rose blue sky,
Is reflected in its nightly goodbye.
It is a light both full of promise, 
Whispering of the colors and softness of autumn's coming twilight. 
And also filled with a melancholy melody of summer memories, 
A reflected gold that reminds you of carefree days and endless summers. 
And a knowledge that they really don't last forever. 
We want them to,
And don't. All at once.
If they were all we knew, would they be as special? 
Hard to say. 
There are certainly moments when we would love to try.
But the coming of the light of early fall,
Warms those whose feet find them,
Heading for welcoming classrooms, schedules and routines,
Back to waiting offices, businesses, days filled with this and that.
Back to the “normal” busyness of life.
So it begins again.
Summer, into fall and all that comes after. 
But for now, the September light calls, 
Softly reminding us to count our blessings, 
Store our memories
And drink in the glow of a late summer sky. 

                                                                                                               JEM 8/15 

I love the color of the sky this time of year. I find it inspiring. Like a reminder of past blessings and the promise of coming opportunities waiting to be found. We don’t want summer to end but we sometimes feel in a hurry to get to fall. God knows all that we carry in our hearts as we do both. Thank God for that. As September rolls around – what memories of summer will you carry into fall that warm your heart and fuel your dreams? What opportunities are you looking forward to with simmering excitement? And how wonderful to know that God walks with us through it all! 

As you receive this issue, I will be celebrating my tenth anniversary here at FCC. It is with a heart filled with gratitude that I say thank you for ten years of support, encouragement and friendship. Worshipping, serving and ministering with you has been and continues to be a blessing beyond measure. 

Peace, Joy