"Faces In the Crowd" -- Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

Faces in the Crowd

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

The bored faces.
The anxious smiles.
The watch looking.
The foot tapping, tapping.
The loud cell phone conversations overheard and

unsuccessfully ignored.
The line that moves so slow roots begin to take hold in the

So that stumbling may occur when asked to move forward.
The coat too hot to wear but too cumbersome to take off and


The flu shots.
Flu season.
Coughing all around.
The questions.
The comments.
The looking everywhere but ahead.
So as not to see how long the line really is.

Sorry sir, your meds were sent to another pharmacy.
No, your doctor never called that in.
They were already waiting to pick up a prescription; they get
to go before you.
You are in the wrong line.

Shifting back and forth.
Feet tired.
Body tired.
Every shade.
Every expression.
Worries etched in deepening lines.

Each in a personal space.
t get too close.
Just smile and sigh at each other.

Maybe shrug from time to time.

A child plays with the ropes keeping everyone in line.
Another cries.
The adults wish they were young enough to get away with


Will I never get there?
Will I have to leave the line so I won
t be late for...?
Hurry, hurry
Wait, wait.

And every one a child of God.

JEM 2.19.16

Its that time of year when we often find ourselves in CVS or Walgreens needing something for our cold or flu and it is the last place we want to be. Where waiting seems to be the only game in town. Our coats insulate us from each other and we often see our fellow travelers as obstacles to getting what we want so we can get out of there. I was reminded of this as I was waiting to pick some- thing up. And then it struck me. Who we all were. How loved each one was. Including me. And at least for that moment, it made all the difference. Next time, I am going to try it in the gro- cery store. Maybe we all should. I dont know if it will make the waiting easier or shorter but it will remind us that we are all in good company.

Happy February! Peace,