"Eyes Wide Open" Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

Eyes Wide Open

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

When I was seeing the Canstruction exhibit on Saturday, November 12 at Brookfield Place, I was struck again by the creativity and inspiration that an ordinary can or bottle can inspire. Something you see every day. Something you open, use the contents of and then discard without another thought. No beauty there. But turn the labels just so, or group them by color or size and suddenly something else entirely is going on.

This year there were among the twenty-five sculptures, a carousel, a whale tail, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Guggenheim, a volcano, a crab, a Ghostbuster ghost and even a display that changed from Yes to No. One of my favorites was a display of old fashioned Christmas lights. Seeing them reminded me of the big bulbs we used to string on the tree and outside the house when I was growing up, before Christmas lights got smaller and could do forty-three different types of flashing combinations But seeing them made me smile, and for a moment I was a little girl in a small living room in Charleston, West Virginia watching her dad put the lights up.

All from looking at cans. How often do we look at something and see what we expect to see and not what we could see? How often do we truly consider all the possibilities? Going to Canstruction every year reminds me of this. Not only do I see the sculptures but I am reminded that the struggle to end hunger is ongoing and that we cannot stop fighting. It also encourages me to see that even something as small as a can inspires us to do more, to see with different eyes, to look beyond what is and see what could be.

If we can see that in a simple can, maybe this new point of view can help us to see each other with different eyes. To see what could be. What can be. What is keeping us from seeing the possibilities around us? In our life? In our faith? Why not take a moment each day to look around and see. And what better time to do this than during Advent, the season of hope and new beginnings !

Happy Advent! Peace, Joy