"What Do You See?" -- Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

What Do You See?

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

In a recent watercolor class as part of an exercise, we were asked to put a blob of paint on a piece of paper and then let it dry. Then we were supposed to look at it, figure out what we saw and then draw it. Not surprisingly, everyone in the class saw something different even though our original paint blobs were surprisingly similar.

It all had to do with how our imaginations worked and how brave we were to allow ourselves the flexibility to just go for it and draw it. There were fish, birds, people and more. It was fun but a bit nerve wracking at first. Mine looked like a pond, a face, and finally, a puppy. There were so many choices; almost too many, until I allowed myself to both have fun with it, to focus ,and not to be distracted by what those around me were doing.

Life can be like that. Sometimes we see too many choices around us - things we want to accomplish, places we want to go and changes we want to make. Life looks like a blob we cannot make heads or tails of and we don’t know where to start. What will our lives look like if we do this, go here, change that? It is scary and we can feel frozen until we make a choice.

Other times we look and the choices seem limited and we wonder if we can see any path we want to take. Whether too many or limited, what we do next has to do with our imaginations, how brave we are and if we give ourselves permission to be bold and dive in. The future can look like a formless blob but we can give thanks in knowing that we do not hold the paintbrush alone. The Artist God is with us as we fill in here, paint there, shade this and erase that. Wonderful is that knowledge! Even when we are afraid to start, we know we are not alone.

So embrace the blobs in your lifethe unformed possibilities, the new ventures, the who knows what they will turn out to be’s. They may be the thing that brings a smile and the inspiration to try for even more! Best of all, God will be right there helping us to fill it all in. Happy painting! (And thanks to my teacher, FCC’s own Laura Brown for the inspiration!)

Peace, Joy