"Walking the Walk" -- Rev. Joy Mounts

Walking the Walk

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

In early May, fifteen members of the YF and ten adult chaperones went to the Cranford Presbyterian Church to walk their indoor labyrinth. I was not sure how the YF would respond but they more than embraced the challenge. The two ladies from the church, who are the caretakers of the labyrinth, welcomed us warmly. They then explained that to walk one means to make a journey. After a few more instructions we were all invited to begin. Some walked fast, some more slowly, some deep in thought. Everyone was courteous in letting others pass them. Other than the soft meditative music from the CD player and the sound of countless footsteps, all was quiet.

The tradition is to think of a question to concentrate on as you walk. In the center was a place to sit and think about this question. There were also cards with different religious sayings on them. As our guides said – β€œThe sayings may be an answer to your question or not. They may be an answer to some future question but the one you pick up was meant for you.” Some of the youth walked the labyrinth several times.

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Walking the Walkβ€”Continued

At first, I had a hard time concentrating as I was worrying about how the YF were doing. Were they getting it? After telling one or two to slow down, I decided to let myself be on the journey that the labyrinth is meant to represent. After all, we are each pilgrims in the labyrinth as we are in life. We all move at our own pace, one that is ours alone.

I also realized that if I did not allow myself to concentrate on my journey I would miss it by worrying. It would be over and I would have never really prayed about my questions. So saying a prayer for the YF, as I do every day, I turned my thoughts inward and tuned out what was around me. I prayed and thought and watched my steps. Then when I was finally in the middle, I reached for a card. I read it. It was not the answer to the question I had brought with me but nevertheless it was an answer I had been seeking. Filled with other thoughts and prayers I slowly made my way out. I was not surprised to see some of the YF heading back in. Journeying with purpose is almost always powerful.

So should all of our journeying be. Not just when we have a canvas labyrinth under our feet directing us on a prescribed path but even when we have no idea where the path will go. We need to let go of what would distract and misdirect us. We need to put aside worry and concentrate lest we miss what we need to learn. We can move our feet with purpose, knowing that we have prayer and God to walk with us and guide us.

Where will your journey take you this month? This summer? The rest of this year? And what questions will you bring?

Happy walking! Joy