"House and Home" -- Rev. Joy Mounts

House and Home

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

Recently, my parents and I visited several historic homes and battlefields with my nephew. This was part of his high school graduation present. He loves history. We visited Mt. Vernon and Monticello, neither of which he had visited before. The trip was fun, educational and fascinating.

It had been many years since I had gone to either home. Seeing them again I was struck by what they held and what they didn’t. The way they reflected their owners left you wondering just who Washington and Jefferson really were. Of course, it is hard to get a true understanding when sharing a home visit with hundreds of other people. Still, in each home something of their owners shone through.

It made me think about how someone might view my home in the future and what it told about me or didn’t. Would the things that were important to me shine through or would someone shake their head after visiting and say, who was she? What was important to her?

What does your home say about you? Does it reveal your dreams, passions, wonders and thoughts? Not just in the paintings on the wall, the books on the shelves or the pictures on display, but the whole package? If it were all that we had to go on, would we say we know you?

It is true, we could gain some understanding, but the whole picture might remain elusive if all we had was a walk through a home. Thank God it is not the only way to know someone. Thank God our lives themselves reflect who we are - how we inhabit them, and what we fill them with.

These are good questions to ask ourselves from time to time. “How am I filling my life and how does it reflect my dreams, passions, wonders, thoughts and, most of all, faith?” “What do others learn of me from it?” When better than summer when we have a bit more time to reflect on this?

We may never be famous like Washington and Jefferson, but we are beloved by God. And that should shine through all the time.

Happy pondering! Happy summer!

Peace, Joy