"Oh Say Do You See?" -- Rev. Joy Mounts

Oh Say Do You See?

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

I was recently in Indiana on vacation. While there I took a cemetery tour of some family graveyards with my mother and uncles. While walking around one of them, I saw a sight that I never expected to see. To one side of this cemetery was a palm tree. It was

a very hot day so at first I thought perhaps I was seeing a mirage or having heat stroke. But it was a palm tree. A metal one. In the middle of a cemetery in Walton, Indiana. It was attached to the base of one of the headstones and curved so that it gave a bit of shade. I have never seen anything like this. The people it belongs to are still alive so hopefully they come out to see and enjoy it from time to time.

It was a surprise. Not a bad one but one that definitely took me back a little bit! It also gave me a chuckle since it was just so incredible to find it here amid the ancient headstones carved with weeping angels and the more modern ones with etched pictures of the deceased. I wondered if that is why they put it there, as my mom remarked that their family would always be able to find their grave!

If I had not walked over to where it was though, I would never have gotten the full picture. I might have even dismissed it as not worth going to see. Life can be like that. We see something we did not expect and often walk away from it not wanting to find out more. Maybe we are fearful of what we might find or worried that it might mean more work for us. But sometimes we challenge ourselves to investigate. And often those are the surprises that can change our lives.

Or maybe it is where we find God. In those unexpected places, moments, vistas and journeys. God says “ Hey over here! This is what I wanted to show you. Look up from your phone, your charted path, your staring straight ahead and look. Look at this! Really look. Take it all in and let it wash over you. Maybe it will change your thoughts, your hopes, your dreams, and your life.”

Where were your unexpected moments this summer? Those moments when God called to you? I know we had a lot of them on the Summer Mission Trip that we can’t wait to share. And I can’t wait to hear all about yours. They just don’t happen in the summer though they can show up anytime! In the meantime keep looking for palm trees you never know where they might turn up!

Finally, thank you for your prayers, comments, emails, cards and concern during my recent recovery from carpal tunnel surgery. They were appreciated more than you know.

Peace, Joy