"What's In Your Inbox?" -- Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minster

What’s In Your Inbox?

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

About six months ago I started to get “A Poem a Day” from the website poetry.org. I was not sure what to expect but have enjoyed the astonishing variety of poems and poets I have been receiving. They have been long, short, wordy, precise and everything in between. And there has been more subject matter than I can recount. I have also become acquainted with old friends and learned of poets I had never heard of. It has been a daily voyage of discovery, although I have to admit that there are times it takes me a week or so to get caught up.
Still, spending time with all different types of wordsmiths has been revealing and, at times, full of wonder. I marvel at how language can be used to describe, cajole, praise, seduce, criticize, encourage and more. Sometimes it is the simple turn of a phrase, other times the question implied or the cry from the heart that leaps from the page demanding to be heard. The gifts of language should not be taken lightly.
It reminds me of all the different ways that God calls to us. But instead of words it is the language of the heart that our souls hear and respond to. And just as there is an endless variety of people, so too is there a variety of ways that God calls us. After all, my call is not the same as yours, nor is yours like mine. Our gifts, our focus, our directions are all different, so why would God speak to all of us the same? So too the way we hear that call is as varied as we are.
So what’s in your Inbox from God? How is God speaking to you and how do you respond? Is it a lengthy appeal or a simple “Go and Do”. Only we know because unlike the emails I get from poetry.org, our call from God is meant for our eyes only. Have you heard it? Have you opened it? Are you living it? There is no time like the present. And Fall is a great time for new beginnings.

Happy Autumn!
Peace, Joy