"Echoes From The Past" -- Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

Echoes From The Past

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

Below is the poem I mentioned writing in my sermon I on Sunday, March 19. It is a poem written during what I consider to be a defining moment in my life, when I knew that even though I had given up on God, God had not given up on me. Writing a poem after a dry spell of well over a year and the loving presence of God helped me to see this. Also, when I opened the book this poem is in to copy it for this article, I found a mystery which I look forward to sharing with you all in the May Congregationalist.

Happy Spring! Peace,

Light Spell

Fire of the burning sun
That makes the seeing blind
The tawny glow of dusk to light the way The whisper of a candle's flame
That flickers on the wall
All of these are mine
For from my fingertips at will
And on my soul's command
Do they appear like soldiers bold
To defend at every turn
For when the path is dark and cold
And danger there unseen
When caves do hide their treasures gold Too dark for eyes to see
When enemies would stand before
So ready for the kill
Then from my soul and hearts command To surge through hands
That tremble with power
Comes light controlled
And light defined
A light that slices like a sword
Yet like an armored shield
A light that's true
A light that's pure
A light of ever changing energy
So hear my friend
And enemy alike
And gear these words of mine
If by chance that we should
Meet and thee should block my way
Or try to stop my mission, goal
Or completion of a deed
They as thee will
My light is victor yet
Come remember then
Emblazoned on thy brain