"A Time Away" -- Rev. Joy Mounts

A Time Away
Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Pastor

Sabbatical: a break or change from a normal routine (as of employment); a time of rest, reflection, research, learning and more. A time away.

Starting in June, right after Confirmation Sunday, I am leaving for vacation and sabbatical. I will be away for June, July and August, except for helping lead the Summer Mission Trip to Denver, an experience I did not want to miss.

I am looking forward to this time off. After twelve years serving here at FCC, I am ready for a much-needed break to recharge and refresh. First and foremost, let me say thank you for this opportunity. I could not go if you did not offer and support it. Being a minister is a 24/7 job and I would not have it any other way. But my personal well needs filling and I am looking forward to the time to do so.

While away I will be attending the Robert Frost Poetry Conference in New Hampshire in late June and spending a weekend in silent prayer and contemplation at the Mercy Center in Madison, Connecticut in July. There will also be day trips and a writing class or two. I will be going on vacation with my family, seeing old friends and taking a Great Lakes cruise with my parents, Most of all I will be taking the time to write, journal and dream more, hopefully organizing my poems, prayers and Christmas Eve pageants - maybe even turning one of them into an original children’s story.

I will undoubtedly have a lot to tell you when I get back! But I want to ask you all to do one thing for me while I am away. Please keep me in your prayers that my time away will be refreshing, recharging and transformative. I will be keeping you all in prayer and will, as ever, be thankful for the blessing of being a part of FCC.

See you in September! Peace,