"It's A Mystery to Me!" -- Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Pastor

It’s A Mystery to Me!

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Pastor

In my last column, I said that I would tell you about a mystery that happened when I was writing it. Well, here it is. When I went to find the poem I wanted to share I looked in a copy of my poetry book, Come with Me and Touch the Sky. I have several copies at my house and picked one up to find it. It happened to be the one I had given my Reed grandparents and which was given back to me after they died. When I opened it, much to my surprise out fell a little booklet. It was small and on the faded blue front cover it said – “Poems” by Joel E Reavis.

The booklet was printed in 1947 and inside was a picture of Joel Reavis. The booklet had been printed by his wife. I’m guessing it was a memorial, but I don’t know. It was a beautiful booklet and the poems were lovely. Many were about the sea. From his picture, it looked like Joel Reavis was in the Navy. I wondered who he was, but not why my Grandma had put this in with my poems. Whoever he is, I am related to him. Reavis is a made-up last name that first appears here in the United States in the early 1700’s and I am related to anyone who has that last name through my Grandma’s side of the family. We don’t know why the first Reavis changed his name – that is another mystery for another time.

However, I was moved when I found the booklet inside my poetry book. Not just in discovering a long-lost distant cousin but in that my Grandma Reed had put the two family "poets" together. We never really talked about my poems but I felt somehow, she was telling me through this action, she was proud of me. I just wish we had had the time to talk so she could tell me about Joel and his connection and the poems. Still, finding the booklet meant a lot.

How often do we let a moment pass or leave a word unsaid or fail to reach out? It can be difficult. Maybe we don't think we can find the words. Maybe we don't feel it's the right moment. What I love about poetry is that in writing I can often find the words I might scramble for otherwise. That doesn't mean I don't miss the moment or let it pass. It happens plenty of times.

It is then that I turn to prayer because that is one conversation that often does not require words at all. I can speak from my heart and God knows and understands. How wonderful that we have that gift. And that it is always accessible to us. Prayer can help us find the words we need to speak to others. The words we need to speak to ourselves. God is always listening and ready to enter into divine conversation even when, perhaps especially when, the moment does not feel right. God is always there.

And that is no mystery at all. Peace,