Associate Minister's Message-- Rev. Joy Mounts

What is it about January?

Sometimes it seems like such a letdown after all of the fun and festivities of December.  As if all of the air has been let out of the balloon and the days stretch, gray and uninviting.  Down come the decorations and lights, put away for another year.  But sometimes, with the new fallen snow, it seems like a clean slate ready to be written upon.  There is a crispness in the air you would swear you haven’t felt before.  There is a whisper of promise and journeys that await.

There’s just always something about January.  Something that somehow seems to make it different than the rest of the months of the year.  As in the poem below, the wind is knocking at the window to say, “Here I am, ready or not.”  For some people, it is filled with thoughts of happiness for all that lies ahead.  For others, it is a time of anxiety and fear.  What will the unknown bring?

The one thing that we do know is that the new year will bring with it something the old year had God’s presence with us.  God is with us when we peer into the known and the unknown.  God is with us as we step into all our journeys.

No matter how the wind may blow or scratch at our windows, we are warmed by the presence of God, who will not leave us to face our giants on our own; who walks beside us in every challenge and gives us courage and strength and as we look at our calendars to see the rush of meetings, schoolwork, applications and the general busyness of life.

There is something about January.  Hopefully, it also is the month which reminds us that while Christmas is over, the Promise lives on and on.  That is something to continually lift our hearts and brighten any cold, grey winter day!

Wish you and yours a blessed New Year and a happy January!



Again I reply to the triple winds
running chromatic fifths of derision
outside my window:

Play louder.
You will not succeed. I am
bound more to my sentences
the more you batter at me
to follow you.

And the wind,
as before, fingers perfectly
‘its derisive music’.

William Carlos Williams, 1883 - 1963