"Getting to Work"-- Rev. Joy Mounts

Getting to Work
Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

There are two types of stores where I don’t really trust myself - bookstores and craft stores. I have written before about my love for bookstores. Similarly, there’s just something about craft materials that call to me.

Silk flowers on sale for $ .99 a stem? Coloring books? Brushes? Pens? What! How can I possibly pass that up. I find myself leaving with a much bigger bag of supplies than I ever intended to buy when I walked in the door. I should just stay out of craft supply stores but that is not realistic. Instead, I need to find a way to go and get what I went for and leave. But that may not be realistic either. Especially in the spring when the heart turns toward creative projects. Or any season when that happens.

The fact is that we all have things that call to us to help express who we are. Maybe it is art, or writing, or singing, or cooking, or any number of creative outlets. We all have gifts that we long to but don’t always find the time to use. And that can be frustrating. We want to use them but have a hard time making space for them in our already crowded lives. We think someday we’ll get to it. We’ll buy the supplies now so we’ll be ready when it happens. But will we give ourselves the space we need, or end up with a closet full of supplies?

We can be that way about our faith life too. We‘d like to work on our faith life, study the Bible, have a more consistent prayer life. But life crowds in and we think we’ll get to it tomorrow. Only tomorrow never comes. Maybe it’s time to take our faith off the shelf. Dust it off and do the study, do the work it takes to deepen our faith and our relationship with God. Not wait for tomorrow to come but to start today. That means we have to be intentional. We have to make time each day to do this, whether it’s reading the Bible, praying, meditating or any number of ways that we can practice our faith life. It might be hard at first to get going but after a while we’ll wonder why we thought we could never fit it in to begin with.

Spring is a great time to start new projects or to get going on old ones. And it’s also a wonderful time to answer the call that God is always placing on our hearts to deepen and strengthen our relationship. Why not challenge yourself to try? You will be glad you did.