"Timeless"--Rev. Joy Mounts

Rev. Joy Mounts, Associate Minister

For an on-line poetry class I am taking, I recently wrote the poem on the right. The lesson was about telling a story through an object and then opening that up to something more. I wrote about a clock in my parents house and time itself. I thought a lot about time as I wrote this. The nature of it. How fast it seems to fly. How we lose track of it.

Summer is coming, and for this brief moment before it begins it seems like it is poised to go on forever. But all too soon it will have flown by as well. How do we count our time? How do we measure our days? Do we cherish them? Do we grumble or celebrate or take them for granted? Some days seem to test us and others bring us to the mountaintop. The choice is often up to us, and it is a day by day decision.

It isn’t always an easy choice. Maybe it would help if we could keep in front of us the knowledge of Who walks those days with us. Maybe knowing God is in our moments, minutes and all the days that add up to make our life will give us a new perspective. Perhaps it will help us to live in the now, cherish the past and craft the future, even when we can’t quite see what is ahead. The time will come when it is here before we know it!

In this season of graduations, reunions, vacations and summer reflecting, taking time is always a good thing. I hope you take yours.