Associate Minister’s Message--Rev. Joy Mounts

A Summer’s Day.

Did you ever wish for a summer day with nothing to do but simply enjoy it however you wished, but then find when it finally arrived that you had so many things planned you could not enjoy it the way you wanted to? That instead of just drinking in every moment and letting it lift you up instead of added to your tension?

I experienced a bit of that when I was recently at my niece’s graduation from Duke. We had one Commencement in the morning for the entire college and then another one in the afternoon for just the Pratt School of Engineering, with many hours in-between. We were not going to leave campus as it would be too difficult with our large family group, so we took a lot of pictures, had lunch and then sat at outside tables in a section that is the heart of the campus and waited. And waited. And talked and wandered and talked some more about how we hoped the rain would hold off.

We had so much to do but could not get it done because we had a schedule of when it would happen. We wanted to celebrate but were not done with the graduating. I went over to the Duke Bookstore at least five times. It is a beautiful campus, but we could not relax. We had to plan for how much time to walk back to the arena for the second graduation. Finally, something broke.

Maybe it was the wind picking up. Or the smell of rain in the air even as the sun came out. Maybe it was family being together for a special moment. But we all suddenly seemed to relax. Funny stories came out. Laughter filled the spaces instead of continually looking at our watches. We were there to celebrate my niece and celebrate her we did. Our collective hearts lifted, and we looked at the day as the gift it was instead of something to get through.

A gift. Each and every day is one. How often do we really look at them that way? Celebrate them. Cherish them. Give thanks to God for them. Remind ourselves that God walks with us through them – all of them – the good and the difficult. This summer, as the days stretch out and you find yourself with a moment or two – why not relax, refresh, pray and give thanks for the gift. It will do your heart good.



A something in a summer's Day

                 By Emily Dickinson

A something in a summer's Day
As slow her flambeaux burn away
Which solemnizes me.

A something in a summer's noon -
A depth - an Azure - a perfume -
Transcending ecstasy.

And still within a summer's night
A something so transporting bright
I clap my hands to see -

Then veil my too inspecting face
Lets such a subtle - shimmering grace
Flutter too far for me -

The wizard fingers never rest -
The purple brook within the breast
Still chafes it narrow bed -

Still rears the East her amber Flag -
Guides still the sun along the Crag
His Caravan of Red -

So looking on - the night - the morn
Conclude the wonder gay -
And I meet, coming thro' the dews

Another summer's Day!