Associate Minister’s Message--Rev. Joy Mounts

Do You See What I See?

When I was younger and my family went on vacations that involved long car drives, we loved to play a lot of games in the car. We played the “Round robin continuous story”,  the “license plate game”, the “state game”, the “alphabet game”, or my parents’ favorite – “the quiet game.” One of the games that my dad loved to play the best was “I spy”. For those of you haven’t played, this is where you pick an item and people have to guess where the item is and what it is, using no more than 20 “yes” or “no” questions to gain clues.

The thing about playing “I spy” is that it helps you see things that perhaps you wouldn’t ever notice were there otherwise– like the red flower on a billboard; a shiny logo in the car; the color of the trees on far distant hills. I remember one time we were playing and the object turned out to be a freckle on my dad’s nose. None of us could see that from the backseat and he thought it was hilarious.

But the lessons of “I spy” are important. What do we see and what don’t we? What do we focus on and what do we not? Do we see what’s important or do we take it for granted? This applies to  anything—family, friends, colleagues, material things, security, even privilege. Most importantly, do we see God in our lives? Do we see the ways that God is in our world or do we walk right past them? 

Only we know the answer to these questions. But this summer, when maybe we have a little bit more time to step back, reflect and see a little clearer,  might be a good time to play our own personal “I spy” games. What do we see about our lives that we might have missed?  When we examine our lives do we see the people who help us? Do we see the ways that we interact with the world? Do we see how God is woven into our every moment?

Why not take the time to really see things. Be unafraid to live an examined life.  You might be surprised by how it changes your point of view.

Happy Summer!