Welcome to First Congregational Church,
A Different Kind of Church


Who Are We?

We are a congregation of welcoming and open hearted people who have discovered the freedom and joy a faith life offers. We are parents, singles, teens, children, and seniors who live out our faith daily in our varied walks of life. As a member of the United Church of Christ, we come from an unusually broad mix of denominational backgrounds, including Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, Episcopal, Lutheran, and Quaker, even no faith background at all.

Why I Joined

I received the church mailer in January 2000. I considered it an invitation, and I liked the emphasis on being inclusive. I was newly-separated from my husband of 17 years, and new to Westfield. I felt very welcome at church and I liked the environment for my 5 year old. I joined in April and started my new life in a very positive way. I even went on the women’s retreat that May. –K.G. CLARK, NJ

During a time when we were visiting many churches in surrounding towns, we received a flyer from FCC. We immediately felt a difference visiting this church and being welcomed by all of the members. It is friendly, spiritual, theatrical, caring, fun and inspirational... a wonderful place for our family. – C  FANWOOD, NJ

It was 10 years ago. My wife received a post card from the church. I was taken with the New England-like architecture. We were looking for a Sunday school program for our kids so we decided to visit. We joined and discovered fine sermons, a good Sunday school and an active youth fellowship program. But the most unexpected thing was how much a part of the congregation that I felt. We feel like we have a church family. – P.F.  SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ

Before the birth of our son (now 8 years old), my husband and I seriously started looking at churches. I grew up Catholic while my husband grew up in the UCC. We had been saving the FCC mailers for 3 years with the thought that it sounded like a nice place, a “Different Kind of Church”. We finally visited the church a month before our son was born. We wanted to find a church that was intellectually stimulating, spiritually fulfilling, filled with music, welcoming to children, and friendly yet not overwhelming. We joined the FCC the Sunday before our son’s birth. FCC is a wonderful & welcoming community. We grow together in faith and fellowship, through hard times and good times. – A.M.   SCOTCH PLAINS, NJ