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2019 Stewardship Campaign

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If you have been around FCC for any length of time, it would be perfectly understandable to look at the above theme and consider “All” to be the key word in it. After “All,” we are an extremely active spiritual community in terms of the breadth and depth of our worship, service, educational and social opportunities and offerings. However, as significant as the word “All” is to that theme statement, let me suggest that it is far less so than the word “We.”

Having studied, taught and written about effec- tive teams and organizations for many years, one of the things that stands out for me is the degree to which they think and speak in the language of “we” and “us” far more than the language of “I” or “me.” They maintain cultures where those involved accept and appreciate that no one is an island; that the good which is achieved is always due to more than one, and usually, many people, contributing the best of whatever gifts, talents and resources that they have.

That, to me, is who and what FCC is. We are a “We” place. “We” are a spiritual community that is able to grow and serve God’s people in so many ways because ”We” are a place where everyone – and everyone’s contribution -- matters. And matters greatly.

– Rev. Dr. Mark Boyea, Senior Minister

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